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Kathmandu: National Archives, Ms. no. 340; NGMPP DNA 13/31

Gīrvāṇayuddha Vikrama Śāha

A lālamohara granting land to Badhuvā Nagārci for conducting rituals

1807 (VS 1864)

Published with kind permission of the National Archives, Kathmandu. Digitized from the NGMPP microfilm kept by the Staatsbibliothek Berlin.

This lālamohara of King Gīrvāṇayuddha allocates land in different parts of the country to Badhuvā Nagārci to operate an endowment (guṭhi) for the upkeep of two banners (nisānā) and three long trumpets (karnāla) previously offered to Degutalejyū. The particulars (tapasila) specify material to be provided by Badhuvā Nagārci and his descendants to carry out regular rituals, including on Caitedasaĩ and Baḍādasaĩ.[ed. by Astrid Zotter in collaboration with Ramhari Timalsina]

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