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Kathmandu: National Archives, Ms. no. 360; NGMPP DNA 13/51

Surendra Vikrama Śāha

A lālamohara to Prime Minister Jaṅga Bahādura re his partition of property amongst his family members

1864 (VS 1921)

Published with kind permission of the National Archives, Kathmandu. Digitized from the NGMPP microfilm kept by the Staatsbibliothek Berlin.

In this lālamohara, King Surendra endorses Prime Minister Jaṅga Bahādura’s plan to partition his property amongst family members. The document further stipulates that once Jaṅga Bahādura issues the deed of partition in accordance with the present order given by the king to do so, no one including the king himself and his descendants is entitled to hear any complaint having to do with the issue made by any beneficiary.[ed. by Rajan Khatiwoda in collaboration with Ramhari Timalsina]

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