Kathmandu: M. R. Karmācārya, private; NGMPP E_3345_0008

[Surendra Vikrama Śāha]

A rukkā authorizing Rupi Hāṃ and other subbās to obtain and play nagarās

1851 (VS 1908)

Published with kind permission of the National Archives, Kathmandu. Digitized from the NGMPP microfilm kept by the Staatsbibliothek Berlin.

This executive order (rukkā) from King Surendra authorizes Subbā Rupi Hāṃ, Subbā Gyāna Hāṃ and Subbā Rāmajīta of Chainpur Tamora Kholā to obtain and play nagarās like those played by the subbās of Dasa Limbuvān.

[ed. by Julia Shrestha in collaboration with Rabi Acharya and Martin Gaenszle]

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