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Kathmandu, Bhadrakālī: Guṭhī Saṃsthāna, Taleju Guṭhī, Bhaktapur; Po. 13 Ka. Gu. Bam.; NGMPP K 230/34

Bhīma Śamśera Jaṅga Bahādura Rāṇā

A purjī ordering the Gūṭhī Bandobasta Aḍḍā to summon recalcitrant ritualists of Bhaktapur's Taleju for the Dasaĩ festival

1905 (VS 1962)

Published with kind permission of the National Archives, Kathmandu. Digitized from the NGMPP microfilm kept by the Staatsbibliothek Berlin.

In this purjī, Commander-in-Chief Bhīma Śamśera Jaṅga Bahādura Rāṇā directs the Guṭhī Bandobasta Aḍḍā to have hiphales, who serve Bhaktapur’s Taleju carry out their customary duties after they had stopped doing so. The office is directed to send a clerk to help two subbās to force the recalcitrants, on pain of imprisonment, to carry out their tasks during the impending Dasaĩ rituals and to promise them new arrangements once the festival is over.[ed. by Astrid Zotter in collaboration with Rajan Khatiwoda and Ramhari Timalsina]

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