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This is the second volume of this edition of the literary remains of the comic
poet Eupolis, Volume III (containing a text and commentary on the fragments
without play-title) having already appeared in 2014. Volume I, including a
general introduction to the poet, should be published sometime in late 2016.
The vast majority of the work on Volume II was completed in Freiburg,
Germany, during the 2014-2015 academic year. It is again a pleasure to ac-
knowledge the support and input of my friends and academic colleagues
there, Stelios Chronopoulos, Christian Orth and Anna Novokhatko, and to
thank Bernhard Zimmermann for his overall leadership of the project. I also
benefited from a seminar on some of the papyrological material treated in this
volume organized for me in Oxford by Marco Perale; my heartfelt thanks to
him and to all of those who participated. Finally, I would like to draw special
attention to the contributions of Benjamin Millis, who asked me many hard
questions, pointed out numerous errors and misjudgments in a whole series
of drafts of the manuscript, and generally improved it immensely.
I spent most of April 2014 in Bari, Italy, as a guest of the Dipartimento di
Scienze dell· Antichita, working in the library and interacting with the students
and faculty there. This book is dedicated to our wonderful, loving Bari friends
Piero and Tiziana. May we spend much more time together in the years to


Minneapolis, 20 October 2015
© Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften