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Κόλακες (Kolakes)
test, i
Hyp. Ar. PaxIII.39-42
ένίκησε δέ τω δράματι ό ποιητής επί άρχοντας Αλκαίου (422/1 BCE) έν
άστει. πρώτος Εϋπολις Κόλαξι, δεύτερος Αριστοφάνης Ειρήνη, τρίτος
Λεύκων Φράτορσι. τό δέ δράμα ύπεκρίνατο Απολλόδωρος f ήνίκα έρμήν
λοιοκρότης f.
τω δράματι ό ποιητής fort, delenda
The poet took a prize with the play in the archonship of Alcaeus (422/1
BCE) at the City Dionysia.8 Eupolis was first with Kolakes, Aristophanes was
second with Peace, Leuco was third with Phratores. Apollodorus acted the play
t when Hermes loiokrotes f
Discussion Fritzsche ap. Toppel 1846. 61-5; Olson 2000. 65-6
Context A didascalic report—presumably drawn ultimately from official city
records—preserved at the end of a long, plodding hypothesis to Aristophanes’
Peace (in manuscript V only) that otherwise consists mostly of plot summary
and a few superficial remarks on the action.
Text Aristophanes did not take the prize with Peace but instead placed sec-
ond, and τω δράματι ό ποιητής ought accordingly perhaps to be expelled as
an addition by a confused copyist, along with the stop after έν άστει, allowing
the text to read “Eupolis placed first with Kolakes”.

test, ii
Herodicus ap. Ath. 5.218b-c
ό έν τω Πρωταγόρα διάλογος, μετά τήν Ίππονίκου τελευτήν γενόμενος πα-
ρειληφότος ήδη τήν ούσίαν Καλλίου, τού Πρωταγόρου /μέμνηται} παραγεγο-
νότος τό δεύτερον ού πολλαϊς πρότερον ήμέραις (309c-d). ό δ’ 'Ιππόνικος επί


Not simply “in the city” (Rusten 2011. 244).
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